A Sauna can kill viruses

The virus cannot survive high temperatures.

Why Sauna is good protection against viruses



As the body is exposed to the high heat of a steam room, more white blood cells are produced, which help to fight off illnesses and kills viruses.

“Studies show that viruses replicate best at a cool 32°C – that’s five degrees lower than regular body temperature – so, a sauna can stop viruses,” says Professor Ronald Eccles, director of Cardiff University’s UK Common Cold Centre

Published by Hardy

A business partnership brought me to this beautiful country from an equally beautiful country without the sub-zero temperatures, Dornbirn-Austria. The school of hard knocks that inevitably comes with doing business with your best friend who sees you as the hard nose debt collecting agent when clients don't pay turned out to be my life's saviour. I ventured out on my own from scratch running a flea market in Manukau, 3 very diverse shops in Otahuhu, Onehunga and Downtown Auckland in the apparel industry and of course my marriage in 1991 to Pae (Pie) of Nga Puhi descent from Kaikohe. Now in my 'retirement', I have returned to one of my all-time passions the traditional sauna sharing that love by making saunas available to the average home at an affordable cost.